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Muslim NOBLE Alliance

On June 8, 2010, City of Chicago Office of Human Relations Commissioner Dana Stark, City of Chicago 50th Ward Alderman Bernard Stone, Muslim Community Leader Tariq Siddiqui, Chicago Customs and Border Protection Assistant Director of Field Operations Robyn Dessaure, who is also the Federal Agency Liaison of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) Chicago Chapter, Chicago Police Department Chief of Patrol and President of NOBLE Chicago Chapter Eugene Williams and twelve religious scholars from across the community and cultures formed a partnership of unity between local law enforcement and the Muslim-American community.  The goal was to create a forum where local law enforcement officials would come together with Muslim-Americans in their community to educate each other on common issues and address the war against terror; the platform for this unique two-way dialogue became the Muslim NOBLE Alliance.

 “There is a depiction in the media that all Muslims are bad people. There is a fear in the Muslim-American community that speaking out to the government, in any way, will get them in trouble,” said Siddiqui. “The purpose of this Alliance was to underscore the understanding that Muslims living in America are loyal to America.  They are here in this country; their families are here and they raise their children here. There needed to be an open dialogue, at the grassroots level, between them and this country.”

This unique Alliance serves to culturally educate, protect the civil rights of all Americans, and give a platform for Muslim-Americans to address current events. The Alliance also seeks to expand to other communities, organizations, individuals and supporters who share in the commitment to the peace, prosperity and progress of all people.

To that end, our chapter as part of this Alliance has collaborated with the other Alliance members on several informational events and community forums to achieve that goal.

  • Overview of Customs and Border Protection 
  • CBP Agriculture – Why are you taking my food? 
  • Seeking Federal Employment 
  • Admissibility Issues – Visas, etc. 
  • Trusted Traveler Programs i.e. Global Entry