Chicago Metropolitan Chapter

Justice by Action

National Dues

  • Regular Member ($150)

       Description:  Law enforcement CEOs and command level officials with the rank of Lieutenant or above and federal government law enforcement officials with the grade of GS-13 and above. Civilian criminal justice executives who are active members of a federal state or municipal law enforcement agency or other agency and whose permanent position is that of Director Deputy Director Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, or Chief Executive Officer of a law enforcement agency or department.

  • Associate Member ($100) 

         Description: Law enforcement individuals below the rank of Lieutenant criminal justice educators and federal government law enforcement individuals with a grade below GS-13. Civilian criminal justice manager/administrator who is currently employed in a federal state or municipal law enforcement agency.

  • Supporting Member ($55)

         Description: Security officers civilian employees community supporters and other non-sworn individuals interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE.

  • Sustaining Member ($525)

         Description: Corporations organizations or individuals interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE.

  • Life Member 

         Description: Individuals who are eligible for regular associate or supporting membership and make a one time contribution to NOBLE and requesting a lifetime membership with NOBLE.


          Regular Life Member ($1,525)




        Associate Level Life Member ($1,095)

Chapter Dues  

  • Individual ($50)


  • Sustaining/Corporate ​($175)

Membership Dues Payment Station

Now that you have submitted your new member or membership renewal application, the second step is to pay your membership dues. Note that there are two level of dues involved: national and local. Select the appropriate national dues type and add the individual member chapter dues of $50 or corporate/sustaining member chapter dues of $175. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application and payment within three (3) business days. Welcome to NOBLE!