Chicago Metropolitan Chapter

Justice by Action

Chicago Police and Kennedy King College Anti-Violence Program

This program was started in January 2014. Chicago Police Officers Knight and Goree decided that the youth of Chicago needed to be interact with the city's police force in a positive and productive setting. This program brings these young people and law enforcement officers together to address and discuss social and political issues, such as the music industry, entertainment, the law, and issues Chicago communities face, together.  Each participant is assigned to a group and is then tasked with researching and presenting these topics on live radio. The students also go on field trips which have included trips to Springfield and the the stations of WGN and WBEz where two students are featured and interviewed. Participants of the program have also been personally invited to visit with Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford,  as well as Chicago Police Department First Deputy Al Wysinger who always encourages the students to become police officers themselves. This program gives students motivation to do something great and to give back to the community. It also  teaches students about how to achieve goals and seeking positive role models.

NOBLE has been an avid supporter and sponsor of the Anti-Violence Program since its inception. Nicks Resturant in Englewood has also been a contributor to this program by providing free food for the participants. These young people come out of this program with a wealth of knowledge, higher self-esteem, and a newfound focus. The program will celebrate the conclusion of this year's program on July 29, 2014, at 11 a.m. at 740 West 63rd Street with CBS' Jay Levine as guest speaker.  NOBLE congratulates the program as well as each participant for completing this year's program!